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                                                  Radon Test Device Placement
EPA recommends that the test device(s) be placed in the lowest level of the home that could be used
regularly, whether it is finished or unfinished. Conduct the test in any space that could be used by the buyer as
a bedroom, play area, family room, den, exercise room, or workshop. Based on their client’s intended use of
the space, the qualified testing professional should identify the appropriate test location and inform their client
(buyer). Do not test in a closet, stairway, hallway, crawl space or in an enclosed area of high humidity or high
air velocity. An enclosed area may include a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or furnace room.
At Radon Services we offer radon test kits for home owners or in a Real estate
transaction. Below are the three types of test kits we offer.
This short term home test kit that has full page  
instructions how to use and includes full lab analysis.
This test kit is ideal for initial test in a home owners
Click here to order your test kit today.
This long term Alpha Track long term test kit has full page
instructions how to use and includes full lab analysis. This
test kit is ideal for a home owners follow up test if his or
her initial test was between 4pci and 10 pci.
Click here to order your test kit today
This Continuous Radon Monitor test for radon in a short 48 hour
time frame which makes it an ideal choice in a real estate
transaction. The CRM is the only device approved for a single test
in a  real estate transaction. This testing procedure comes with a
full computer print out of test results in one hour increments.
Click here to view a sample test result.
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Radon Services is a full service radon company that offers a full line of testing procedures . However if you
are doing your testing as part of a real estate transaction  PLEASE check with your home inspector for your
testing needs. If your home inspector is not a certified radon tester than we can and will perform your test with
a full computer print out for closing. Please call us at (316) 821-9611.
GOVERNMENT recommends that
every home be tested for radon
gas and those tested at high
levels be mitigated.   
The E.P.A. has recently named
radon as the number 2 overall
cause of lung cancer in the U.S..  
The latest research also links
prolonged exposure of radon gas
to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and
numerous other diseases and
Radon gas seeps through
the soil beneath your home
and through crawl spaces,
cracks in your foundation,
or from the sump pit and
gets trapped in your home
where your family breathes
the harmful gas day and
night.  Approximately one in
four homes have elevated
levels .
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