According to EPA Guidelines, an active radon removal system is needed whenever indoor radon readings
are 4.0pCi/L or greater.  

The most popular and usually the most reliable method of reducing radon in structures is called “Active Soil
Depressurization” or simply Subslab ventilation.

With this method, a suction pipe is inserted through the basement floor slab into the gravel or soil
underneath the house. This vent pipe rises from the basement area and leads to the exterior where the
radon is vented to the atmosphere to dissipate harmlessly.

The vent pipe has an inline fan installed which produces suction under the floor slab thereby greatly reducing
radon levels in your home. Costs usually range from $750 to $1,800

A single fan will typically reduce the radon levels in the  structure by 80-99%.
Pics of an interior Radon mitigations system.
Pics of an exterior Radon mitigation system
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