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Radon Awareness Presentations by Radon Services
At Radon Services we know that the more people that are aware of the dangers
of breathing radon gas, the more lives we can save by reducing radon exposure.
We do our part in educating the public by traveling around Kansas and Oklahoma
putting on short educational presentations about radon. These presentations can
be tailored to any audience. It is a great way to be better informed about radon
and spread the word to your neighbors, friends,  and relatives. Right now we are
putting on these presentations for
no charge at Realty offices, Insurance
Agencies, and Lending agencies as well as Schools and neighborhood association
For more information about the Radon presentations or to
schedule a presentation at your office or meeting,
Please contact Pete Swart with Radon Services  at  
(316)821-9611 or email at
(316) 821-9611
Radon Services  llc..